I have begun this weblog in order to bring The Force back into balance. Studying chemical engineering is a rather immersive journey, and after 24-hour stretches of problems in Transport Phenomena or Thermodynamics, the mind cries out for the philosophical, the theological, and the linguistic. Crossword puzzles can only ease the ache so far.

I will strive to bring something valuable to my readers. If these topics tend to hold your interest, you may find this a worthwhile place to visit: philosophy, Bible study, morality, pedagogy, chemical engineering, mathematics, creative writing, science fiction and fantasy, poetry, literature, classic video games, history, current events, politics, and a few eccentricities.

My initial estimate is that readers can expect posts biweekly (that’s twice per week; once in two weeks is more precisely described as “fortnightly”). Comments are welcome, and can range from wholehearted agreement to vehement opposition. Responses may or may not be forthcoming, and can range from encouragement, to curiosity, to dialectical disputation, to rhetorical retaliation. Please enjoy your stay.